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Because it is unsafe and unwise for us to meet in person, we will have to conduct this course online. Since this course was not initially intended as an online course, we will have to make due, and it will in many ways feel chimeric. Moreover, because we are in the midst of multiple crises—not only a health crisis, but an economic crisis, and, no doubt for many of us, personal crises as well—my intentions of this course will have to be spelled out in further detail. I intend for you all to become independently interested in philosophy with the hopes of finding in it, like I do, some stability and solace for precisely times like these. For this reason, the course will change course. Although I will still require a final paper in the topic of Philosophy of Religion, I will no longer require a midterm, which will be replaced by weekly (so much as is possible) one-on-one Skype chats.


Describing this course in a few words is made difficult by the fact that it is a combination of two terms with no clearly defined subject matter—both terms “philosophy” and “religion” are vague. In this course, we will focus on the metaphysics of God. We will ask “What, who, and how is God?” These questions are broad and vast enough to occupy us for a whole lifetime, and so this course is intended merely as an introduction to these life-long questions.

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